Business Process Assessment

Are you a start-up or a scaled business? No matter, we can help guide you to informed growth through our copyrighted “THinc Assessment” process. We will explore strategy, operations, client & consumer models, and risk mitigation protocols and advise you on what you can do to make continuous improvements.

Strategy Review

Without an informed and well thought out strategy your business will not grow (and may fail). THinc will guide you through short- and long-term strategies by first understanding your mission/vision and providing best-in-class examples.

Channel Trend Review

We have expert knowledge and understanding of key verticals in retail markets such as Food, Drug, Mass, Convenience, Dollar, and Specialty. We will guide you to an efficient business model that will save you time and money.

Location Partner Insights

At the bottom of the funnel it is critical to understand what your target location partners “wants and needs” are. We have over 25 years of quality experience working directly with the largest retailers in the U.S. We can help you design a fact-based plan that will guide you to the achievement of profitable results with your desired location partners.