Along with his best friend and life partner Linda Thomas, Arne Hendrickson co-founded Thomas-Hendrickson in 2012. Prior to founding the company, Arne spent over 25 years leading traditional sales and marketing organizations, including Procter & Gamble, Jacobs-Suchard (Brachs), and Outerwall (Coinstar & Redbox). 

As a boutique agency, Thomas-Hendrickson is uniquely positioned to offer a multitude of services across all the important business-driving functions.

“We always wanted to start a company from scratch and to create an organization that was equipped to help businesses achieve their vision. During my time at Coinstar & Redbox, I realized that the automated retail sector was extremely underserved on the agency side, so we decided to focus on that industry. We get an incredible sense of accomplishment when we see kiosk companies achieve their vision of success based on our recommendations, shared expertise, and guidance.